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Finding a Keeper, Dating advice for men

Finding a Keeper, Dating advice for men

Excerpt from upcoming book: “Find Her Keep Her – The Ultimate Guide To Finding, Dating, and Keeping The Woman Of Your Dreams”   Finding A Keeper Women are everywhere, but some places are easier to make contact than others. The hairdressers is definitely out for most women –  they feel disadvantaged with their hair in rollers and most will not want to know you. Work is not always the most satisfactory venue either–especially if she is career oriented. However, there are a few viewpoints here. One is that the slow burn of being able to get to know someone in a work environment without the pressure of dating, can actually make everyone more comfortable and their true colours are more visible. And of course the other view point is that you are all there to work, not to socialise or flirt or pick up. If you are not keen on the heavy drinker or pub type of person, pubs and most wine bars are out too. Nor the type who spends most of her evenings at nightclubs. Forget nightclubs. People are not relaxed at nightclubs, and it is not always easy to make yourself heard. Women generally always go to nightclubs in groups of friends, and whilst getting the attention of men is one of their goals of the evening, having a few cocktails, gossiping, giggling and dancing is more what they are going there to do. It does not mean this is not an opportunity to meet someone, but why do much more work than is necessary. If you are successful in getting an e-mail address or phone number,...

Dating Starts Here

Prepare To Date Sounds simple, but is it? We prepare for nearly everything else in life, why leave it to chance in your dating life? Get your act together and prepare to be at your peak for meeting, dating and hopefully having a relationship with a fantastic woman. Keep checking back in here and get lots of invaluable tips, knowledge and advice. I’ll be giving you excerpts from my upcoming book “Find Her Keep Her” Talk soon, Ed...

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