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Mens Grooming Tips – Important in your Relationship

Mens Grooming Tips – Important in your Relationship

Mens Grooming Tips – Enjoy Successful Intimacy in your Relationship In a successful healthy relationship, physical affection is important. You want to be intimate with your lady, touching, kissing, holding her. But, how does she feel about touching, holding and kissing you? How is your personal grooming regime? Do you have nice breath she wants to smell, a winning smile she loves to see, a clear complexion that makes her want to kiss you and an amazing pair of hands that she can’t wait to have touching her all over her body? Here are some tips to help you ensure you stay on a winning track in the grooming stakes.  Teeth: Don’t tell me you hate the dentist. To have the best chance to get the woman of your choice, you must practice being gutsy. Today’s dental techniques are amazing in their ways of preventing pain for the most sensitive of you Ensure your teeth looked good, are clean and healthy and that your breath smells good. There is nothing more off-putting than smelly breath caused by decaying teeth. Your daily regime should include brushing at least twice, and flossing once. Flossing is very important, don’t skimp on this detail because you are in a rush, or too tired, or just lazy. Gum disease will lead to poor dental health and regular brushing and flossing will keep your gums healthy and looking great. Try and make it a habit to floss in the morning. If you make your routine to floss at night just be more vigilant on yourself. It is much more tempting to skip flossing at night...
Individual Nutrition and Fitness Programs suited to your Blood Type

Individual Nutrition and Fitness Programs suited to your Blood Type

NUTRITION AND FITNESS PROGRAMS SUITED FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE HOW YOUR BODY CHEMISTRY AFFECTS RESULTS YOU GET FROM YOUR DIET, NUTRITION AND FITNESS TRAINING Ever wondered why a nutrition (diet) or a fitness and training program has been working wonders for a friend or colleague, yet when you try the exact same programme you can’t lose any weight or seem to get any fitter? It could have a lot to do with the different body chemistry between you and more precisely your different blood types.   In Peter J. D’Adamo’s book written in the late 90’s “Eat Right 4 Your Type”, he analyses and discusses at depth the differences in the body chemistry of humans depending upon their blood types. In later books he goes even further, with deeper analysis depending on the rhesus (positive or negative) and other factors. In case you aren’t aware, there are four main blood types: O, A, B and AB. You will be one of these. They each identify you as surely as your DNA. Your blood type is a genetic blueprint for who you are. In human evolution, type O is the oldest and dates back to primitive times. Primarily hunters, they had little or no tools or techniques to grow their own sources of food. Type A evolved with the human societies learning to farm and use the land to harvest crops and graze animals. Type B emerged as humans migrated into colder, harsher territories, needing to adapt to the geography that produced different food sources. Type AB is a modern adaptation as a result of the intermingling of the different...

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